Friday, April 20, 2012

I am Love – Connecting to Who You Are

Who do you think you are? When I ask people, most often they answer with a multitude of roles – mother, father, teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer, daughter, son, caretaker, and the list goes on.

What’s interesting is that people identify with the roles that they play in life and judge their worthiness, abilities and whether they are a good or bad person based on what they’ve accomplished or not accomplished within the confines of those roles.

A good number of people are surprised to find out that who they are is not found in the roles they take on in life but is found deeper within themselves in a place where time, space, gender, age and physicality do not exist.

If you’ve ever meditated you probably know that space in you. If you’ve ever “fallen in love” you would have recognized that place as well. The being that exists within our physical body that can observe with love and compassion the actions of the person that speaks and acts on direction from the ego.

As long as we believe we are the ego and not conscious, we are not recognizing who we are. As soon as we let go of our past hurts and issues, we can connect more readily to our source/divine self/soul and live more fully in the moment, feel love more deeply, give more graciously and from our own spirit, bow to the spirit in others.

Remind yourself of who you are every day:

I am love
I am peace
I am beauty
I am wisdom
I am timeless
I am powerful
I am compassionate
I am kind
I am creative
I am worthy
I am good enough
I am all that is
I am the Divine spirit in human form

With love and kindness

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Divine Goddess - Living it every day

Last week I had the privilege of facilitating my favourite workshop, Connecting with the Divine Goddess Within. Spending the evening with some amazing women who are committed to learning about self-care and how it can create such space and love, not to mention a feeling of true empowerment within.

We often get caught up in life and the constant movement that it seems to require to keep our heads above water day to day. We rarely take the time to stop and really see all the amazing and wonderful things that life hands us while we’re busy doing other things.

John Lennon wrote, “Life is what happens when we’re busy making plans.” And isn’t that the truth? We are so busy going from one task to the next, one day we wake up and our kids have left the nest, we’re ready to retire and we haven’t a clue what life is all about because we’ve filled it with doing.

Women are especially susceptible to the doing versus the being. They spend their lives nurturing, feeding, clothing, driving, working, listening, advising, organizing and coordinating and it becomes who we are.

It’s time to recognize that who we are has nothing to do with what we do. That the strength that we show when we are constantly running or holding someone’s hand is not the same as being empowered. And we often find ourselves feeling resentful because we are doing too much, we’re tired and fed up and we just want a few minutes to ourselves.

It isn’t until we stop and really look at the fact that we say yes more times than we’d like (and then kick ourselves for doing so), we spend more time doing unnecessary tasks, or tasks that can be handed off, that we don’t clearly ask for help from our family and friends when we need it, that we can really understand that the resentment we feel is directed towards ourselves because we feel powerless to speak up for ourselves.

Once we, as women, begin to carve out time each day to nurture that ever important relationship with ourselves, to do the things that we are passionate about, to spend time in contemplation and meditation, to look in the mirror and understand what it is to truly love the person looking back at us and to create a space in which we live that supports self-care, we will feel empowered. We will have the inner strength to speak up when we feel we are not being treated in a way that reflects our self-worth. We will be able to say no when we need and want to without feeling guilt. And we will be able to do all of this effectively with love and grace. In doing this we are connecting to our Divine Goddess within.

What can you think of that you can change today in order to take more time for yourself? Just change one thing today and see the amazing difference it can make. Know you are worth it!

With love and kindness

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Be Kind Always

Last week while I spent an hour or so waiting in a hospital diagnostic unit, I had some time to sit quietly and observe what was going on around me. It felt good not to have distractions to take me away from the moment. I could be with every situation, word, action and the things around me in that environment.

What I noticed was how many people who stepped up to the reception desk to check in were unkind to the woman working behind the desk. In the short time I was there, not one person approached the desk with a smile or a kind word. And yet the receptionist remained kind, smiling, non-combative, assuaging the roughness of these patients.

Now, I know some people could say that in a medical situation, sometimes people are very caught up in the fear of what the tests might reveal about their health. But taking it out on someone else doesn’t change or take away that fear. It only causes more upset and suffering.

I was so impressed with how well she handled each individual with love that in a quiet moment, when she was not busy, I walked up to the desk and told her what an awesome job she was doing, especially in handling some angry people. She smiled and thanked me.

I have noticed how quick we are to complain, get angry or attack people when things don't go our way, even when things are beyond their control. But whether things are or are not beyond their control, it is still possible to express ourselves in a kind and loving way.

And we don’t seem to be as quick to compliment or let someone know when they are doing a great job, or being helpful or kind or supportive. No wonder we go through life not feeling good about ourselves – it seems that's mostly all we hear.

Be kind. Be loving. Let someone know when they have been helpful. Tell them when you think they’ve done a good job. Encourage them when they are trying to do something challenging. Thank them even when they have tried but don’t succeed in assisting you.

Be kind. Do kind things. Express kindness on your face with a smile. Think kind thoughts. Make kind gestures. Make kindness your mantra, your goal, your life.

In the end, you will discover just how much it can change who you are – for the better.

With love and kindness

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