Friday, June 22, 2012

The Perfection Misconception

The world has somehow created a skewed perception of what perfection really is. The media has helped to develop this strange and foreign to most of us concept.

Many women and girls believe they need to have flawless skin and a size 2 body in order to be considered beautiful. Not only that but the expectation is of no less than a six figure income, a fancy car, big expensively furnished and spotless house and children who spoke only when spoken to, do not express opinions, toe the line and keep straight A grades in the hopes of a university degree and a six figure income.

What does perfect look like to you?

I see perfect as all those things above but I also see it as:
A size 2 or a size 20 with a beautiful smile and a gentle loving personality or a mean disposition
A face with lines and freckles and dimples, a big nose or a small nose, but a face that writes the story of the life lived in the expression or the lines. A face that when you look deeply into it can show you the sadness or the joy that has graced this person over the years
A salary that pays the bills and supports a family in all their needs or a 6 figure income that affords luxuries and toys
A car that may rattle and rumble but that gets you where you want to go when you need to or a bus ticket that will take you there as well
A simple home that is clean and cared for and feels lived in and loved in
Children who feel safe enough to express themselves and make their own choices so they can experience the consequences and learn whatever lessons are there for them as they grow
Kids who don’t get straight A’s and choose instead to apprentice in the trades or take careers in other important support roles that are very much needed as well
A baby that knows only love and remembers who they really are but who observes and learns the opposite anyway because that’s why they’re here on this planet.

Perfection isn’t what we see on the outside, what is portrayed in a magazine or in the movies. Those are images of what some people perceive as perfection. But it’s not real and it’s not true beauty.

Perfection is our ability to be Divine beings having a human experience. Recognizing and acknowledging our vulnerabilities and loving ourselves and others anyway. That is perfection.

The next time you’re worried about those few pounds you just can’t seem to lose, or the promotion that got away, the newest grey hairs or your children not listening to your instructions consider this – does loving or being loved really depend on surface things like that?

Perfection is seeing beyond this. It is about looking into another person’s eyes deep into their soul and knowing they are God’s pure love and that you are that love too.

Look in the mirror – that’s perfection! God wouldn’t have it any other way. All you have to do is believe it.

With love and kindness

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