Friday, April 20, 2012

I am Love – Connecting to Who You Are

Who do you think you are? When I ask people, most often they answer with a multitude of roles – mother, father, teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer, daughter, son, caretaker, and the list goes on.

What’s interesting is that people identify with the roles that they play in life and judge their worthiness, abilities and whether they are a good or bad person based on what they’ve accomplished or not accomplished within the confines of those roles.

A good number of people are surprised to find out that who they are is not found in the roles they take on in life but is found deeper within themselves in a place where time, space, gender, age and physicality do not exist.

If you’ve ever meditated you probably know that space in you. If you’ve ever “fallen in love” you would have recognized that place as well. The being that exists within our physical body that can observe with love and compassion the actions of the person that speaks and acts on direction from the ego.

As long as we believe we are the ego and not conscious, we are not recognizing who we are. As soon as we let go of our past hurts and issues, we can connect more readily to our source/divine self/soul and live more fully in the moment, feel love more deeply, give more graciously and from our own spirit, bow to the spirit in others.

Remind yourself of who you are every day:

I am love
I am peace
I am beauty
I am wisdom
I am timeless
I am powerful
I am compassionate
I am kind
I am creative
I am worthy
I am good enough
I am all that is
I am the Divine spirit in human form

With love and kindness

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