Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine’s Day – Not just for couples

I often hear people complaining about Valentine’s Day and not just single people do this. People who are in relationships complain that it is a commercialized holiday that tells you how you should feel and what you should do to express that feeling for your significant other.

Single people complain that it is a holiday just for couples and it brings into magnified focus just how alone they are.

I’ve been on both sides of this situation and I learned a lot from my perspective of them. First, when I was single and miserable – I hated Valentine’s Day, then I was married and miserable and I hated Valentine’s Day. Soon enough I was single again and learning to connect with my own love and I started to like Valentine’s Day again.

Now I am in a beautiful and loving relationship with someone I adore and with whom I share a deep and lasting love, respect and friendship. And I love Valentine’s Day.

And contrary to what some people might be thinking now such as, “Oh well, she’s in a relationship, of course she love Valentine’s Day”, it’s not the reason.

I learned to love this holiday long before Peter came into my life. In fact, it was quite a while before he appeared on the scene.

It took a while, but one year I realized that the holiday of love wasn’t just for couples. It was the perfect reminder and opportunity to open my heart to my own love. To allow myself to nurture and nudge my heart, to allow it to open to all the love that the world had to offer me starting with my own source of that love.

And when that happened I realized that I could take that opening every year on February 14, to remember to connect with my own love and express my love for the people in my life who meant so much to me.

That’s when it changed. That’s when I really understood what love was about, and that commercialized or not the holiday could have a meaning for me in my own way and be a reminder of just how much love I could unconditionally give and in turn feel with the people in my life that matter.

So whether you’re single or in a relationship, whether you feel loved or very much alone, why not use this Valentine’s Day to look inside your heart, loosen the constraints and open it up to the world. Start with a smile – look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Then write yourself a love letter – who better can tell you the things you want to hear than you! You deserve all the love that our limitless Source has available so go for it.

Sending you all lots of love on Valentine’s Day and every day…

With love and kindness

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