Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the Sunny Side of the Street

Sometimes, when we are on this journey of the evolvement of our soul, we tend to take things a little too seriously and because of this we tend to judge ourselves when we act or speak in a less than loving way.

Because of this being on a spiritual path can sometimes get quite heavy, as if we never left our old ways behind. So how to we continue to do our work and not be too serious about it all?

What if you were walking down the street and the side of the street you were on was shaded, cold and dark? And you looked across the street and saw that the sun was shining brightly, telling you it was, no doubt, much warmer and of course lighter over there. Wouldn’t you cross the street to get warm?

You can do this in your every day life but not taking yourself too seriously. If you can have a joke or play once in a while, even the spiritual life can seem unhappy. And let’s face it, the reason you started this little excursion was probably because you wanted to be happier in your life.

So if, for example, you say something to someone that you later think about and decide was not very nice, instead of being pulled in by the ego’s chastisement, give yourself a break, have a little compassion and a laugh and move on. It’s really not the end of the world.

Just because you consider yourself to now be a “spiritual” person, doesn’t mean to you have to kill off your sense of humour. Yes, it may change, the jokes may be different, but you’re still allowed to have a little fun.

Don’t worry so much about walking the straight and narrow. Just be in your loving space and nothing else will really matter.

“Two guys walked into a bar and the third one ducked…” J

See you on the sunny side of the street!

With love and kindness (and a laugh or two…)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living Life Through the Eyes of Love

Our day to day life is usually lived through our ego, the very thing that knows the least about how to live life. And although it may seem surprising that the ego knows very little, if you take a look at the kinds of things it tells you to do, you will most definitely see this is true.

For instance, it is the ego (or mind) that tells us to react to someone else’s anger with our own anger which very rarely resolves the conflict. And even after doing this, it is the very same ego that tells you that you’re not a good person for taking your anger out on someone else. Then within seconds, it will tell you that you had every right to tear a strip of that guy, cause after all, he was a jerk.

You can see that mostly what the ego does is runs us around in circles. And the funny thing is that we follow it!

But it is the moments in which we drop into our heart centre that we have the clearest vision of what to do or say. It is the heart that tells us what is the most sensible thing to do.

It is the heart that tells us to respond to another person’s anger with softness and grace. To put ourselves in their place and have compassion for their struggle, recognizing that it is their ego that is leading them to anger.

When we are centered in our heart we take our time to act and speak in a way that reveals our true nature – that of a loving, gentle, caring being.

Living through the eyes of love can bring us out of our struggle with life and into the ebb and flow that is being. Present, peaceful, positive.

Let love guide you in your daily life and see how it sends ripples out into the world, person by person.

With loving kindness

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