Saturday, July 30, 2011

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

These amazing words are attributed to Ghandi, a man who knew inner peace in spite of how his people were treated. His protests over their treatment were always peaceful and passive. He believed in turning the other cheek.

This peacefulness worked like a charm to help change India for the better. British authorities were so baffled by Ghandi’s peaceful nature that they had no idea how to fight him.

It’s such a great example of his words. Be the change you want to see in the world.

You can’t change anyone else. You can only change your reaction to others, your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

How often do you find yourself saying, “If only my wife (husband, children, boss, parents or whoever) would change life would be so much better for me.” It’s a very common syndrome – change others to find peace and happiness.

When you find yourself wishing someone else would change, think about what it is you think you’ll get if they do change. Happiness? Peace? Love? Relief from guilt? Contentment? Success?

How many times have you wished someone would change so you’d be happier and then when they do, you realize you aren’t happier at all?

Is it all coming together now? Are you getting that happiness doesn’t come from someone else?

That’s right. We are responsible for connecting to our own happiness, peace, love, success, security, contentment. We are born knowing these feelings. Somewhere along the line life teaches us to forget that innate connection.

It’s up to us to remember who we are, to reconnect to the joy, love, peace, passion. wisdom, success, security, compassion and vision that is our birthright.

Next time you find yourself wishing someone else would change, ask yourself what feeing you’re looking for and then look inside to see what you can change to connect to it.

It’s like looking in a mirror – what you see in the world is what you’re feeling inside.

And if you want the world to change, make the changes you want to see.

With love and kindness

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

After listening to a young teenager speak at a meeting last night about his choice to live a conscious life, I was blessed with a fresh and welcome perspective on what kids want in life. They want to feel they are trusted enough to make their own healthy, responsible decisions, to be heard when they want to share their perspective and to feel they are valued.

I wonder how many times my children wanted to question something I asked them to do and I dismissed them with, “Because I said so!” Or how many other parents do this very same thing.

As parents we are supposed to be “the authority” on life, having lived it for quite some time before our children arrived on the scene. And we love our children so much we want the best for them, to see them happy, successful and healthy.

But we don’t always consider that things that make us feel happy, healthy and successful are not necessarily the things that will make our children feel it. And our “loving gesture” of maybe a little to forcefully guiding them, may be the very thing that is pushing them away.

Wayne Dyer talks about the art of “non-interference”, which is simply allowing others to make their own choices and to live with the results those choices bring. It’s very hard, as parents to do this, but it is the one thing that will allow them to be independent and empowered in this world.

Inside every child is an abundance of wisdom just busting to be shared. And yet most people don’t consider a child’s knowledge as valuable. “I know better”, “believe me, I have made these mistakes and I don’t want you to make them same ones.”

You know how painful some of your choices were and you are actually parenting them through your pain. But there is no better teacher, no more valuable tool than to give your children the opportunity to make their own mistakes and learn the lessons that those choices may give them.

Children have an innate sense of right and wrong, of responsible choices and often when they open their mouths, there is a maturity that shines through that may just surprise you.

Teach your children to express themselves without anger, to share their vulnerability without fear and to choose their direction in life. Chances are they will turn out just fine!

Let your children have a voice and connect with them from your open heart without taking things personally.

And watch with complete acceptance as these precious gifts from God show you how its done!

With love and kindness

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