Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motherhood – The Perfect Gift

I wanted to be a mother from the time I was a small child and looked after my brother and sister while my own mother worked at home.

The idea of caring for such innocent loving beings appealed to me more than anything else in life. I felt passionate about it.

When I became a mother it was a dream come true – my chance to love and nurture, to guide and teach another human being what this life was all about.

It was easy and it was difficult. It was fun and it was trying. It was fulfilling and it was frustrating. And yet it was all wonderful.

There were many times when I know I could have handled situations better, chastised myself for yelling when I shouldn’t have, and yes, occasionally raising my hand to my children. These times filled me with guilt, brought me to my knees in regret for being exactly how I swore I wouldn’t be.

None of this, however, had anything to do with how much I loved my children. They were the world to me – so beautiful in their wide-eyed innocence, trusting me implicitly to show them the way.

Beyond the guilt and regret though, what I realized was that I always did the best I could in each particular moment. That everything I did for and with my children was out of pure love for them. And sometimes, when I lost my connection to my own love, my choices were not the best.

It was the perfect gift to show me the way to my own loving heart, to find the compassion for myself in all my less than perfect moments so I could have compassion for my children in their less than perfect moments too.

It was the biggest lesson I have ever learned in my life. My children have been my greatest teachers and I am so grateful for their love and compassion for me at those times when I may have lost my way in my role as their mother.

And I learned to see my own mother in a different light, with more compassion, love and understanding.

In looking at myself, taking care of my own needs, wants desires and emotional well-being, I learned to be a better mother. I let go of wanting my children to help me feel a certain way and realized that it was up to me.

I’ve spent many happy hours with my children from birth to the present – laughing, crying, sharing, talking, advising and guiding. But what I found so amazing and interesting is that it wasn’t always me that was advising and guiding.

Who’d have thought when I was small and that desire first entered my vision that it would have been this spectacular a journey?

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother! May you find peace, love, compassion and the spirit of fun with your children each and every day.

With love and kindness

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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Soul Connection

Living from that place within that loves, gives, feels grace, kindness and peace is the Soul Connection.

Here are ten ways to make the soul connection:

1. Know your value is limitless
2. Know that you are worthy of all the universe has to offer
3. Tell someone you love them even if they are not being kind.
4. Make the choice to respond to anger with peace and kindness
5. Accept what is before you in the present moment
6. Acknowledge your own negative feelings and release them
7. Feel gratitude for each moment
8. Let go of past heartaches
9. Be compassionate for you do not know what the other person may be going through.
10. Feel the joy of each moment, each day.

May each day be one of connecting to your soul, feeling the peace, love, wisdom and strength that living consciously can bring.

With love and kindness

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