Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living Life Through the Eyes of Love

Our day to day life is usually lived through our ego, the very thing that knows the least about how to live life. And although it may seem surprising that the ego knows very little, if you take a look at the kinds of things it tells you to do, you will most definitely see this is true.

For instance, it is the ego (or mind) that tells us to react to someone else’s anger with our own anger which very rarely resolves the conflict. And even after doing this, it is the very same ego that tells you that you’re not a good person for taking your anger out on someone else. Then within seconds, it will tell you that you had every right to tear a strip of that guy, cause after all, he was a jerk.

You can see that mostly what the ego does is runs us around in circles. And the funny thing is that we follow it!

But it is the moments in which we drop into our heart centre that we have the clearest vision of what to do or say. It is the heart that tells us what is the most sensible thing to do.

It is the heart that tells us to respond to another person’s anger with softness and grace. To put ourselves in their place and have compassion for their struggle, recognizing that it is their ego that is leading them to anger.

When we are centered in our heart we take our time to act and speak in a way that reveals our true nature – that of a loving, gentle, caring being.

Living through the eyes of love can bring us out of our struggle with life and into the ebb and flow that is being. Present, peaceful, positive.

Let love guide you in your daily life and see how it sends ripples out into the world, person by person.

With loving kindness

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