Saturday, November 13, 2010

If life doesn’t make you feel good, change how you feel about life

This is a concept that is talked about a lot; “Change your outlook on life and your life will change”, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, “Believe in what you want to see.” And yet people struggle with it all the time.

The thing is that if we don’t take a good, hard, honest look at what is really bugging us, what upsets us, what angers us, we’ll never feel completely good about life.

What you carry around inside – the pain or the peace – is what life will keep giving you. Which do you want to feel on a regular basis? Hopefully most of you will say peace.

But in order to feel the peace within us, we’ve really got to get down and dirty with the stuff that is keeping us from feeling it. And I’m sorry but you can’t avoid it – what’s keeping you from feeling peace is your pain.

A few moments of feeling the pain can free us to feel more peace, more love and more joy in life. It’s a small price to pay really.

Ignoring the pain, pushing it aside, finding distractions or suppressing it only serves to prolong the feeling.

Think of it this way; if someone has done something mean or hurtful to you, how much of your life is affected by that event? Maybe a few minutes? Even if it’s an hour or so it’s a blip in time compared to how many times you may relive it in your mind. And not only is it causing us to continue to suffer, it takes us from the present moment to a past that is better off left exactly there, in the past.

If we focus on all the bad things that we’ve experienced in our lives, then life isn’t going to make us feel good. But if we can let those moments go and focus on what feels good inside, connect with that ever flowing peace, what a life that can be!

Change your focus, let go of the past and see what life in the present really has to offer. You’ll be amazed!

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