Monday, May 31, 2010

What is Beauty?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it is also said that beauty comes from within. If these statements are true then it all comes down to our perception and what we, individually, consider beautiful.

In order to call something beautiful we often use judgment to discern why one person or thing is beautiful while another is not. Why do we not see everything as beautiful? We are all divine creatures of God and in so being this makes us all beautiful. Because beauty comes from within, and what we feel and believe is what we see in the world, when we feel the beauty within ourselves we, as the beholder, will see the beauty in everything around us.

If we are perceiving everything in the world as anything less than beautiful then it is a good indication that we need to question how we see ourselves.

When you find yourself judging someone else or being critical of someone or something, look inside at how you are feeling about yourself. Be honest because you are only fooling yourself if you deny what you are really feeling. Look in the mirror and see your own beauty, feel the beauty and the love that comes from within and see how it changes the way you see the world.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Strings Attached - Acceptance

The negative experiences we have in life are great platforms for learning. There is always a great lesson involved and it is great when we get the lesson. But sometimes, when the lesson is learned we often look for the reward that comes with the success of learning that lesson.

For instance, if we are struggling with finding our abundance, we can look at the situation and see that we need to accept what is in front of us, to understand that we are abundant, we are always taken care of and we never need to go without. This is a great lesson in acceptance. But if, once we learn to accept it we are expecting the money to flow in because we've learned the lesson, we are missing the point.

Accepting what is means exactly that - accepting what is in front of us in this moment. It doesn't mean accept it now but hope for more later. If we find ourselves in this situation, then we know that we have, in fact, not learned true acceptance.

A lot of us have been brought up with the reward and punishment style of discipline - if you are a good boy or girl you will be rewarded in one way or another and if you are a bad little boy or girl, you will be punished. This teaches us to judge ourselves as either good or bad, right or wrong.

What if we accepted what is - who we are, how we behave and what we feel. There would be no judgment, no reward or punishment, no fallout. The prize would simply be the peace that we feel within.

There is no greater prize. There is nothing else that we need but to feel that peace. And that peace comes in accepting what is, in this moment, no strings attached.

Can you accept what is right now without expecting something to come from the act of acceptance in the future?

Let go of the outcome – this is as good as it gets – find peace in this.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Forgiveness Brings Us Peace

When we are living through our pain, that is allowing our negative beliefs to run our lives, we are not connected to our peace and we are in a state of suffering.

In doing so we usually end up doing or saying things we regret. For instance, if we don’t feel good enough we may look for ways to feel better about ourselves. This may cause us to talk about others in a negative way which can hurt other people. As much as we are not responsible for others’ pain, it still doesn’t feel good to put another person down. And so, although we may feel good for a moment, eventually guilt will find its way into our thought process and we will be weighed down with the shame of what we’ve done.

On the other hand, if we look after our feeling of not being good enough, we can connect to our source of love and feel the peace it brings. From this connection our choices will always be loving and compassionate.

The problem we sometimes face is that we have many instances in our lives when we acted in a less than loving way. These experiences cause guilt to be ever-present in our mind and body, perpetuating the belief that we are not good enough.

And once again we exist in a state of suffering.

How do we let go of the guilt? Where is the peace we desire?

The peace is always within us waiting to be felt. But the cause of the suffering has buried it beneath the pain, in this case, guilt.

By allowing ourselves to feel the guilt fully instead of pushing back it back inside or running from it, we can let go of the belief that creates the guilt.

Close your eyes and visualize the person you hurt and speak to them about how you feel. Write a letter to them allowing your feelings to be expressed freely.

Then forgive the other person and yourself and feel your heart open as you connect to your source of love within.

Feel compassion for yourself and the other person. See how their actions, like yours, came from a place of pain.

Feel the peace that comes with forgiveness and letting go.

Remember this connection when you are faced with similar experiences in the future.

Today, take a look at those you need to forgive and those that you feel need to forgive you. Forgive the others and yourself, knowing that it is the person you are forgiving, not the action itself.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

What Being a Mother Can Teach Us

For most women the dream of becoming a mother is one that they cherish and hope to one day come true. It is that nurturing spirit within us that draws us to this role and is the way in which we can most exercise this spirit.

We look forward to bringing a beautiful tiny perfect person into the world whom we can love and take care of and teach. It is one of the most important roles we can ever take on in our lives.

As our children grow we teach them what it is to be fully in this human experience that we are having. We teach them about love and life and everything in between.

By our own example we teach them how to act, react, and behave in different circumstances. Most times we are not aware of just how much our children are picking up from us in our daily lives.

Children are like little sponges, watching, taking in all that is happening around them and mimic those things that they decide are good for them.

As mothers it is important for us to always be aware of how we are feeling, reacting and behaving so that we are always showing our children that we are acting from our best and purest intentions.

Knowing that they are watching everything we do and listening to everything we say can teach us to be conscious and aware of what we're feeling so we don't pass it on to them.

And out of the mouths of babes…

Our children often, in their purity of nature, say things to us in the simplest ways that ring true more than anything else we've heard. Sometimes we don't pay attention, but if we really listen and pay attention to what they are telling us, we can learn so much about who we are and how to live peacefully in this life.

They can show us how to love in that innocent childlike way, how a simple smile of joy can express more beauty than all the models in the world, how to be playful and have fun, how to look at things without all the complications of the pain we've accumulated over the years, how to be present, and how to express and release what we are feeling so that we can be content with each moment just as it is.

As mother's day approaches and we look at how important our mothers were in teaching us so much, we can also look at our beautiful children and celebrate their willingness to travel this road with us sharing their own special wisdom and joy.

Happy Mother's Day to all who are mothers out there.

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