Monday, January 25, 2010

Time Can Heal the Past

The great thing about the passage of time is that we can use it to learn more about ourselves, the world and the people in it.

We are always doing the best we can with the information we have in the moment, but if we keep reaching out to learn more and more about ourselves, we can evolve and improve our way of interacting, of reacting and connecting with others.

We generally know when something isn’t working for us and when this happens we have a choice to either change the way we do it or repeat the same experience over again. We know what the outcome of repeating will give us because we’ve already seen it. Sometimes we feel more comfortable with it than doing something new and different but that is just our fear of not knowing what is coming even if it might be something good.

If we let go of whatever it is that is keeping us stuck in the same repetitive and negative experiences, we can take the time to face our pain and move through it. In doing so we can make a choice to do things differently than before perhaps with a more positive mindset and belief system which will reap a more positive outcome.

Bring the past forward and allow yourself to feel the pain that it may have brought you. Recognize that it is unnecessary to hold on to this pain and let it go. Allow yourself to reinvent the belief that was negative and create something more positive within yourself. This will help to create more positive experiences for you in the present and future.

Make time your friend. See how the present is the only place that matters. And enjoy the freedom that comes with letting go of past pain.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed - Accept What Is

Now before you get all upset about the fact that I mean you have to give up, that’s not what this is about.

We have great plans for ourselves most of the time and we have a good idea of what we want out of life, where we see our life going and how it will all play out. And most of the time it is with great success, lots of friends, a lovely place to live, a great car and surrounded by family.

These are all wonderful aspirations, but what happens if these things do not come to pass? How do you feel about things then?

There are many times when we pin our hopes, happiness and measure our success by certain accomplishments that we have deemed to bring us the feeling that we want – usually security or happiness. And when we don’t get these things, we feel dejected, angry, unhappy, not good enough, unsupported or not safe.

When we look to the world to provide these feelings to us, we will most likely be disappointed or feel resentment.

Finding the feeling of security, success, happiness or love within ourselves can lead us to a much happier life overall. We never have to have expectations of the world around us and we are never disappointed.

And best of all we are in a better position to accept all that is happening around us, whether it is good or bad. It’s always easy to accept what is when things are going good. But what about when things are not going well? Is it possible to accept what is? Can you see the value of what is happening even if it is not part of your game plan? Can you feel happy, safe, successful and supported even when the chips are down?

Feel all of these things from within and it will never matter what is happening around you because it will not affect how you feel. This is the ideal way to be in life.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t get up, dust yourself off and try again. It means you accept what is in this moment because chances are you can’t change what has happened. And then you try again, or try something new.

Life is always there waiting for you to enjoy it. All you have to do is accept what it is providing.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Soul Connection

We all have it, we just don’t always know how to get to it or keep it. And when stressful things are happening around us or we are confronted with someone who is angry, we wish we could feel it. We look for it out in the world and yet we never seem to find it there. We long for it and sometimes struggle because we cannot find it.

What is it?

The Soul Connection.

The soul connection is the love, peace, tranquility, compassion, happiness, kindness and joy that live in limitless quantities within us. When we connect with this part of ourselves we never have to search for it out in the world.

Ten ways to make the soul connection:

1. Know your value is limitless
2. Know that you are worthy of all the universe has to offer
3. Tell someone you love them even if they are not being kind.
4. Make the choice to respond to anger with peace and kindness
5. Accept what is before you in the present moment
6. Acknowledge your own negative feelings and release them
7. Feel gratitude for each moment
8. Let go of past heartaches
9. Be compassionate for you do not know what the other person may be going through.
10. Feel the joy of each moment, each day.

If we let go of anything from our past that has kept us from feeling good, we can have the soul connection.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Smile Goes a Long Way

Often in life, there are days when we don’t even want to get out of bed, let alone get on with our day. We can look at the day ahead as something to dread or we can change our vision of what it will be with a breath.

This is merely a matter of changing your perspective. When you wake up in the morning, think of the brand new day and smile. And feel how that smile changes what you feel inside.

Now, take that smile out into the world with you and each time you see or meet another person, smile. How does it feel? It’s kind of hard to be miserable when you’re smiling isn’t it? And it’s very rare that you don’t get a smile in return from someone else.

How about when you answer the phone – before you pick up the phone, put a smile on your face. Doesn’t it change the whole energy of the conversation? Of you?

A smile can go a long way to help shift from negative thinking and feeling, to a more positive one. Even if you aren’t really feeling it inside, you can “fake it till you make it” as they say because eventually, it will feel real and it will feel good.

There is something about a smile that can change everything not only for you but for someone else. It may be the one act of kindness that shifts another person’s day.

Keep smiling!

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