Saturday, September 25, 2010

Women - Finding Your Voice

Through the ages women have gone from being in a position of great power in the ancient times of the Goddess to being repressed by the change in power to a more male dominated society.

In the past century women have been attempting to regain their power in a man’s world.

One thing that I’ve observed is that this attempt is often made through aggressiveness, anger and degrading men or “man bashing”. And what I’ve discovered is that it hasn’t allowed women to become empowered as much as it has conquered and divided the sexes, leaving a lot of frustration, resentment and just plain disconnection.

So how do we empower ourselves so that we can have our cake and eat it too? There is nothing wrong with women feeling equal and as worthy as men when it comes to career, family, money and numerous other things.

But when we try to do this from an angry or forceful place, we are not empowered. When we allow someone to trigger us, or bring up anything in us that is not love, we are handing our power over to them.

Instead we can look at what we are feeling in those moments of feeling powerless and try to understand what it is that makes us behave in a less than loving way. Why do we need to feel more powerful than men or other women for that matter?

When we understand and are aware of what is going on inside ourselves, we can make the necessary changes that can allow us to feel empowered, to stand up for ourselves from a place of freedom, love and respect. This means never having to put someone else down to feel better ourselves.

What feelings are you looking for in the world? Find ways in which you can feel these feelings within you without depending on others to give it over to you. When we expect our worth, love, peace and happiness to come from someone else, again, we are giving them our power.

When we connect to our worth, love, peace and happiness within, we are empowered and the world is our heaven.

Which will you choose? The way of the Goddess or the way of the Tyrant. We have a choice.

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