Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Going With the Flow

The flow of life or the universe is constantly moving, changing and creating experiences for us. Oftentimes we resist what is being put before us. We fight what we see or what we are experiencing because it does not align with our beliefs.

This is the perfect time to take a look at our beliefs and question how valid they are. Beliefs that we think may have been working for us may no longer be of use to us or we may find that we do not derive any happiness or peace from holding on to it.

That resistance to the flow of life is a signpost to tell us to look inside at what needs to be re-evaluated, changed, updated or even dropped from our belief system. Absolute honesty with what we are feeling and thinking will lead us to the belief that needs to be released.

Releasing the negative emotions that keep us in a place of struggle and suffering can free us to once again go with the flow.

What happens if you are floating along just fine, going with the flow and someone says something to you that triggers a negative response in you? What do you do? Do you stay in that place of struggle, feeling heavy and sometimes even ill? Or do you look at the negative response and see where it came from – what was fueling it, keeping it alive inside?

The longer we avoid looking at these negative feelings and thoughts, the more we feel the struggle and the less we are able to allow the flow of life to carry us forward.

Take each opportunity when life does not seem to be flowing and use it to go deeper within yourself to that absolute feeling of peace, happiness and love that keeps us in the flow.

Take a look this week as you experience life. Try to be aware of times when you don't feel things flowing as you'd like. Allow your feelings and thoughts to show you the beliefs that need to be reviewed and perhaps even released or changed. Feel the freedom of releasing what no longer works as you rejoin the flow of life.

Have a wonderful week going with the flow!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Handling Conflict

Often we are faced with conflict in our daily lives, sometimes with family members, friends, co-workers, our boss or any number of strangers we come across day to day.

This is a normal part of our human existence. We will always be faced with some conflict at different points in our lives. It is not whether we have conflict or not that makes us a more conscious being. It is HOW we handle the conflict.

Some of us hold all our anger inside and take a more passive/aggressive role in a relationship where conflict exists. Others will direct all the anger that comes up in them at the other person. And there are arguments for each of these methods of dealing with our emotions in times when things are not flowing.

In the first instance, we try to control our anger and keep it inside so as to avoid conflict. But we can only hold it in for so long. One day, someone says something to us that hits a nerve and we “lose it”, ranting and raving and carrying on letting all the anger that has been boiling up inside of us out. There is no feeling of peace either during of after this type of outburst. It is a very negative response to a negative emotion.

In the second example, constantly taking out our anger on others is unhealthy. Again, there is no feeling of peace during or after this type of behaviour. Constantly sending negative energy toward someone else is not a peaceful and loving thing to do. It causes pain and suffering not only for the receiver of the anger but for the sender as well.

How can we make sure that we don’t take our anger out on someone else or shove it away inside to fester and grow?

If we can be aware each and every day how we are feeling about the experiences we have, we can acknowledge the anger and understand where it is coming from. Usually a belief has created this reaction. Being able to be conscious of this, we can shift the belief, release the anger that has been building inside, reconnect to the peace within and then handle conflict with an open loving heart.

This creates a safe place for both parties to talk and explore ways in which the conflict can be resolved with blame, judgment or criticism.

Be willing to look at your anger. Even minor irritations are coming from that same anger within. Use the smaller bouts of anger arising to look deeper into the source of it. Shift your beliefs and in doing so, create more loving and peaceful relationships with other people in our lives.

If we can resolve the conflict within, we can then resolve the conflict with others.

Have a wonderful, peaceful and loving week!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Giving Others the Opportunity To Follow Their Own Path

Often when we start on this journey of self-discovery and awareness we enter into a period of excitement where we are so pleased with our own progress we want to tell the world of this great new way of being.

In our excitement we can go a little too far in applying what we've learned to every situation and every person we meet and we tend to become a bit "preachy" about it all. We can be especially hard on those closest to us – our family, partner, friends.

This can be very upsetting to other people. It's never fun to be constantly told by someone else how we can change this thing and that thing about ourselves. It can cause feelings needing to be fixed and not being good enough. And it can alienate others as well.

One thing to remember is that our journey is just that – our journey. We have chosen to take a path to awareness, living more consciously in this life. Others may not be ready to make this choice and our constant reminder of it may even send them running for the hills to get as far away from it as they can.

Allowing others to be whatever and whoever they are in this moment, is also a part of living consciously in the present. We are all perfect beings – there is nothing to be fixed, especially by someone else.

Yes, we sometimes behave inappropriately or make unhealthy choices for ourselves, but it is our responsibility to look at the behaviour and change whatever belief caused it to be. And this is the same for everyone else as well. It is their responsibility to look at their own pain and find their way to healing it if that is what they desire.

As part of our own journey we can take the experiences with others and look at how it affects us. If we are struggling with how someone else is behaving, we can use the opportunity to heal the pain that we feel and release the beliefs that create this pain so that we can be more accepting of ourselves and of others.

When we once again find ourselves in that peaceful, loving place, we can then accept each individual for who they are and have compassion for those who are struggling.

Allowing ourselves to relax into the peaceful awareness that comes from within can help us to be aware of when we are tempted to “preach” the benefits of enlightenment to another person.

Know that this journey is solely for you, it is your experience and your lessons. Someone else's behaviour or choices in life do not change what you are here to learn.

Have a look at times when you may be tempted to push your ideas on someone else. What feeling are you looking for from this action? How do you want it to make you feel? Will a change in the other person’s perspective really give you what you are looking for? Total honesty with yourself will show you the truth in the experience.

Have a wonderful week of basking in your own awareness, being conscious of each moment and each experience.

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