Monday, July 13, 2009

Emotional Detox

We hear a lot about physical detoxification products, detoxing our bodies of all the toxins that we have taken in during our lifetime and how it can lead to a more healthy life. But we don't hear as often about emotional detoxing.

Physical detoxification can rid us of all the things that cause our bodies to feel unhealthy, so that we can be more active, have more energy and live longer. Emotional detoxification is not much different except that helps us to live more connected to our peace and love within so that we can enjoy relationships, work, children and life in general to the fullest.

There are many instances where emotional distress can lead us to feel unhealthy physically as well and there have been many studies that have proven that there is a connection between emotional and physical health. This is just another one of the benefits of emotional detox.

What exactly does it mean to detox emotionally? We have many different emotions that arise in our day to day lives. Being aware of what is arising is the first key. What is the emotion that we feel or the thought to which we are attaching our attention. Once we acknowledge these emotions and thoughts we can release the emotions, let go of the thoughts and shift or expel the belief that has created them.

Crying is good for the soul. We often hold back when we feel tears welling up in us. Or we push away our feelings of anger when we are in a volatile situation. But suppressing these emotions and not allowing ourselves to feel them fully in a healthy way, two things happen. The emotions get bottled up so tight and we become so full of them that one day, sometimes even at the slightest little incident, they burst forth and we let someone have it all. The other thing that happens is they bury our peace and love so deep that we can no longer feel the connection to it. We put ourselves in an emotional prison.

Allowing ourselves to release these emotions in a private setting and at a time when we feel safe to do so, can help to see deep within ourselves and connect once again to our own peace and love within. This is emotional freedom. This allows our lives to flow gently along once again so that we feel lighter, happier and more compassionate in all our relationships.

Try to be aware this week as you go through your days, of what you are feeling and what thoughts you grab hold of as important. Find time to allow yourself to fully feel the emotions that are arising, question the thoughts you are attached to and let go of any beliefs that are rooted beneath either of these. Feel how much lighter you feel after your release and how much easier it is to communicate with others from this more peaceful place.

Have a great week of release!

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