Thursday, April 9, 2009


There are two aspects of value that affect us in our every day lives. One is the value we put on the outside world and the other is the value we see in ourselves. Both are connected to each other in a very important way.

When we are looking at the outside world to provide us with love, happiness and peace, we begin to put values on everything in the world. We see people, place or things as valuable to us because we believe they can provide something for us - love, happiness, security, etc.

What happens is we don't feel our own value unless we have confirmation from these people, places or things. So the value of these becomes great to us. But what happens if the person that you think is giving you love, leaves you? Or you lose the big house that gave you security and comfort? If we have attached our love, happiness, security, comfort to this person or place, we feel the loss when they are gone. In fact we no longer feel the emotions that we thought they brought to us in the first place.

If someone gave you four glasses of water to drink and you drank three of them, how valuable would that last glass be? In other words, if you felt full, would there be any value in that last glass of water? What if you were in the dessert with no water and someone handed you that same glass of water? Would there then be value to the glass? The same glass of water that first had no value, now has value. But the glass of water doesn't actually have value. We place the value on it because it fills a need.

This is what we do all the time in our daily lives. Instead of looking inside at our own void and knowing that it is always full, we feel the void as an emptiness and try to fill it with outside sources.

But the void is not an emptiness. It is our connection to the source, to the universe as a whole where there is no separation. It is so vast that it feels like a tremendous empty void. It is our fear that keeps us from feeling the fullness of it. Once we step past our fear, we can feel the limitlessness of our true self and know that our value is also limitless.

Once we recognize this, we have no need to put values on everything out in the world. There is no need for adjectives or judgments. All things merely are an extension of the source, life experiencing itself from different aspects. We are merely looking out of these eyes at another aspect of ourselves (another person).

Our value is found within, not in someone or something else. And when we recognize this, we no longer feel the need to put value on things in the world.

Have a look this week in your day to day life and see where you put values on people and things. Look at the emotions and thoughts that come up when those people or things do not meet our expectations. What if we were to lose those things? How would we feel? Look at the emotions and see what belief they are hitting against. Does this belief work for you anymore? If not, let it go and recognize the limitless value within.

Have a wonderful week of feeling your limitless value and love.

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